Top 20 Remodeling Tips For Your Chicago Kitchen and Bath

Are you looking to remodel your kitchen and bath? Then this guide is for you. We will be discussing some useful tips on the best way to remodel your kitchen and bath. The first 10 tips focus on the kitchen and the second 10 on the bath.

So, let’s get to it!


Top 10 Tips To Remodel Your Bath


1.          Keep it relaxing

Among other things, your master bath must be a source of maximum and quality relaxation. Ensure that the space and everything it contains is a reflection of peace and unwinding – soft neutral colors and pastels, comfortable steam tub, or shower.

2.          Keep it moody

Incorporating soft, simple light into your bath space will give it that perfect moody touch. Consider LED strips around the shower or candle lines next to the tub. If you are using bright lights, keep them mild and restricted to the vanity.

dark bathroom

3.          Proper Flooring

Depending on your family makeup, the ideal kitchen flooring ranges between porcelain tiles to regular ceramic tiles. A functional flooring, which is moisture-, water-, and stain-resistant, is perfect if you have kids or older adults around. Porcelain tiles are more expensive and offer less porosity and more toughness, considering that they are made with finer, denser clay.

4.          Shower or Tub?

If the space permits and you have the time, a tub soaked with scented bubbles will do the magic. However, if you hardly have the time or prefer simplicity, go with a glass-enclosed walk-in shower.

Bathroon with shower

5.          Towels and Toiletries

If your bath is spacious enough, dedicate cabinets and drawers to keeping your toiletries and towels. Open shelves work fine for tight baths.

6.          Mirrors

The ideal bath mirror should be multifaceted – moisture resistant and bevel-edged. While a frameless mirror is the better option, a framed mirror works fine if it is moisture and heat-resistant.

7.          Accessorize

Common design elements in a bath include shower curtains, laundry baskets, mats, rugs, and carpets. These improve the bath’s feel and outlook, provided they are in sync with the overall design or style.

cate cabinets and drawers to keeping your toiletriOpen shelves for tight baths.

8.          Keep it fresh

Feel free to introduce elements of tropical haven of fresh foliage, including refreshing indoor plants and flowers contained in small vases.

9.          Art Appreciation

Your bath deserves some art pieces too. Go for pieces that are moisture-resistant and reflect positive feelings.

10.        The right vanities

If your bath is a shared one, ensure that you choose a suitable vanity for yourself. Consider double-sink vanity if it matches your design or two narrow, single-sink vanities for a more personal setting.

Bath with indoor plants and flowers

Top 10 Tips To Remodel Your Kitchen

1.          Choose your preferred layout

Start by choosing your most preferred layout, based on size, shape, and how much space you have to play around with. Popular choices include U-shaped, L-shaped, Galley, and other custom-made shapes.

2.          Style Quotient

There are various styles – rustic, traditional, sleek, or a fusion of two or more. Whichever way, your choice of kitchen style must reflect your personality.


3.          Get the lighting right

The best kitchens are not too dark or overly lit – settle for something in-between. For instance, you may settle for bright overhead lights for your countertop and some dim backlighting in other places.

4.          Flooring is important

Tiles represent simplicity and easy maintenance. Marble offers regality, while wood provides warmth and coziness. If you are about the earthy feel, you should go for natural stones.


5.          Add your personal touch

Your kitchen should reflect your personal touch. How about you represent your favorite Japanese culture with the theme and abstract designs? Theme your kitchen space to remind you of your favorite things.

6.          Tool kit

What is a kitchen without the right tools? Go for top-quality countertop appliances, utensils, and cookware. These wares do an excellent job of highlighting the fresh and appealing outlook of your remodeled kitchen.



7.          Monochrome or Technicolor

Your choices here depend on your personality and preferences for materials. The amount of free space may also have a say here.

8.          Bells and Whistles

Do not overlook minute details like the under-counter LED lighting, strategically-hanged trophy items, art pieces, and artistic teapots, among others. Most times, they make the most significant difference.

blue kitchen
Add your personal touch to your kitchen with Derek’s Remodeling Chicago/Bariington, IL

9.          Table Manners

If yours is a Bohemian-themed kitchen, you should consider kitschy, colorful, and non-matching cutlery.  High-on luxe, sleek kitchen, and dining area could use some Sterling and fine China silver cutlery.

10.        Manage your space

Your initial design should incorporate the need for ample storage spaces, including racks, baskets, drawers, and cabinets. Be flexible with the size and shapes, so that you have something suitable for all your kitchen tools and utensils.



Putting these tips into use

Now that you are aware of these top tips and what they can do, how do you make them happen? The first thing is to assemble the right team to work with you on your kitchen or bath remodeling project. You need a competent designer who can create and actualize a vision (or work on yours), using the best materials, and without going out of your budget. It is also important that your designer forges a cordial working relationship with the construction team.

All these are only possible when you work with a reputable design-build company like ours. We draft the best hands to make up a competent team that will handle your remodeling project to your delight. As a Chicago full-service remodeling company, we handle every aspect of your remodeling project – from conceptualization to construction and finishing.

We have handled several bathroom remodeling, basement renovations, and kitchen remodeling projects over the years. Our construction team has continued to deliver high-quality works to the delight of our clients, as evident in their several positive reviews and constant referrals. We also boast of top service awards and other top recognitions for our impeccable services. You can trust our dedicated team to understand, meet, and exceed your expectations, without forcing you to break the bank.

We are very proud of our projects, craftsmanship and satisfied customers. You can find us on Google or Houzz.

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