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The Remodeling and Renovation of Bathrooms

Do you want to add hot tub-style amenities to your master bathroom? Are you looking to build a whole new bathroom for your home? Whatever you want, we can assist you in figuring out the best designs and looks for your bathroom remodeling and renovation project.

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Do you want your renovated bathroom to be the key feature of your home? If so, let us make this dream a reality.

When you want to expand your bathroom area, it can be difficult to find space for the expansion. Don’t take on this difficult task alone. We can inspect all the spaces around your bathroom area, including the utility areas and plumbing which exist in the back of your walls. Sometimes the solution is room reconfiguration or closet relocations.

If your home was built in the 1950s or later, then it probably has a lot of older, worn materials in it. Even though the bathroom layouts were great in these older homes, they often have ugly accessories and surfaces. Things like lime green or pink fixtures and institutional-looking tiling which doesn’t match the aesthetic standards of the present.

After we’ve had a chance to see your space available, we’ll talk about your goals and all the options that are available. Bathrooms typically fill unusual spaces in your home. We’re confident that we can implement some creativity to make your bathroom remodeling project turn out wonderfully. Many of our clients who want to sell their homes end up staying after they see the work we’ve done to their bathroom.

Different approaches must be made to different bathroom types and styles. What do you want for your bathroom?

Master Bathrooms

You begin and end each day in the master bathroom of your home. You also use it to relax too. Some of the most popular amenities for master bathrooms today include separate water closets, separate showers & bathtubs, and dual vanities w/ additional storage. These amenities require a lot more space to be available, which several older homes don’t offer. That is why updated master suites usually have their closets expanded to the master bathroom so that dry and wet areas can be established. This also creates space for Jacuzzis and other spa features.

Powder Rooms

Your family, friends, and guests use powder rooms often because they’re basically public spaces for everyone. For this reason, they should be equipped with proper furniture pieces, lighting, fixtures, and pedestal sinks. If you implement the proper approach to your bathroom remodeling project, then you can transform a small space into a much more extravagant space.

Children and Guest Bathrooms

You can have stylish bathrooms for children and guests. They can also be smaller spaces that are more functional too. If you’re accommodating several users, then consider putting in a hallway or having separate showers, dual vanities, or sharable water closets.

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Remodeled Bathroom Gallery

How will your bathroom remodeling project turn out in the end? The gallery shows a lot of different options and price ranges for bathroom remodeling projects. Some of what you see includes master bathrooms which have been completely transformed and newly created bathrooms that have utilized existing space in the home. Let us know what you want to do, and together, we’ll create a plan that will make you happy. It’ll be fun for you to check out the different options available for plumbing fixtures, tiling, and wall coverings.

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Do you realize how much time you probably spend in the bathroom?

In the United States, roughly half an hour per day is spent in the bathroom by the average person. Women typically spend the most time; approximately 37% of women are in the bathroom for over 60 minutes per day. About 77% of American men claim to take showers every day, while 66% of American women state the same. The average length of a shower is roughly 10 minutes. Children take longer showers by far, but 55% of American women are in the shower for over 10 minutes, and 57% of American men are in the shower for under 10 minutes.

Create a bathroom renovation plan which accommodates your life.

Do you want a cozy shower with a lot of free space? How about a candle-lit bathtub? Maybe you’re interested in creating a new bathroom or installing a hot tub in your master bathroom. Whatever you’re looking for, we can make it happen for you. We have interior designers that are experts in bathroom renovations.

Do you want to know the current bathroom trends? Here they are:

  • Higher vanities
  • Taller toilets for better comfort
  • Frameless glass enclosures for bathtubs and showers
  • Natural stones with neutral colors
  • Vessel sinks / under-mount sinks
  • Open bathrooms with no soffits
  • Mirrors with frames
  • Finishes in satin nickel
  • Master bathrooms styled like spas
  • Lighting that is dimmable
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Additional storage areas
  • Grab bars in curbless showers
  • Expanded doorways

Take a shower in absolute style and comfort. Relax and unwind in knowing that our craftsmanship brought your magical experience to life!


  • Consultation
  • Framing
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Ventilation / HVAC
  • Heated Floors
  • Windows
  • Drywall
  • Durak
  • Sealing
  • Custom Cabinets
  • Custom Countertops
  • Shower Glass
  • Finish Carpentry
  • Repairs
  • Painting
  • Tile

We deal in new bathrooms as well as old. Standard or ADA certified. Whether it be repairs or certain replacements, there is no job too big or too small!

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