Top 10 Popular Remodeling Styles For Your Chicago Basement

Looking to add more usable space and improve the value of your home? Consider remodeling your Chicago basement! Basement remodeling near me Barrington in  is quite popular, but only a few understand what needs to be done to get the best results. It is a project that requires top-notch creativity and incorporation of the homeowner’s personality.

Over the years, we have handled and completed top Chicago basement remodeling projects to the delight of the homeowners. We know what it takes to convert basements into top functional spaces that improve the home’s value and the general lifestyle of the owner.

In this blog post, we will discuss the ten most common remodeling styles we have come across in our Chicago basement remodeling journey.


1.          Home Cinema

home-cinema-in-a basement

The basement is hardly disturbed by outside noise or sun glares, all thanks to the minimal windows (or no windows). Hence, it is an ideal space for a home cinema. Get some furniture that offers maximum comfort. This includes spacious sofas where you can lie in to watch your favorite movies. Alternatively, you can settle for home cinema seating for a maximum movie experience.

You will need a screen and projector, and if possible, a popcorn machine. Lastly, install a proper speaker system that offers excellent bass.


2.          Playroom


Your kids could use a well-furnished playroom, and this can be achieved by converting your basement. Start by adorning your walls with some fun art, and equip the space with child-friendly furniture and toys. The materials should be easy to clean.

A colorful area rug will offer some cushion and warmth to your kids. PVC flooring or tiles are ideal, considering their durability. Lastly, the use of natural wood will add even more warmth to space.


3.          Lady Lounge or Man Cave


Start by getting velvet chaise lounges for the lady and some leather recliners for the man. A pool table or football table will offer some fun, alongside a sound TV system to play video games. Both (the lady and man) will find a spacious bar quite comfortable and relaxing for exciting chats. You can either incorporate a cave/lounge or design the basement for two different spaces, each for him and her.

4.          Entertainment Lounge


Looking for an extra space to hold your parties or drinks night with your peers? You can remodel your Chicago basement into an entertainment lounge. The walls are best kept bare, although with some soft lighting that sets the perfect mood. Introduce a stocked bar and a proper sound system. Reserve some free space for dancing and fun activities. Now you can spend less time in the club and more time having fun in your new entertainment lounge.


5.          Guest room

Guest room in basement

You can create some extra space for friends to crash at when next they are at yours by converting your Chicago basement into a guest room. Paint the walls to reflect the earthy color; add a carpet or any other soft furnishings for warmth; and lastly, get a comfortable bed with pastel linen. Incorporate some storage space for your guests and avoid unnecessary furniture.


6.          Fitness Room


Bring all your workouts to your home by converting your Chicago basement into a proper fitness room. Rubber flooring is the ideal strong, and durable material for exercising. Rubber flooring is water-resistant, absorbs shock, and reduces body impact while holding your fitness equipment in place. The walls should be bright, so use some bright lights. However, if you are a yogi or a fan of meditation, you can do some mood lighting.


7.          Studio


Whatever your passion is, you can get closer to them with a studio somewhere in your house. Remodel your Chicago basement into a studio space where you can horn your skills and talent. Are you into music? Set up a studio by creating spaces for your sound system, mixers, and instruments, the recording booth, all bordered by a soundproof wall.


8.          Study, Library, or Office Space


Perhaps you are out of space in your living area? Not to worry, you can bring your workspace, library, or office space to your basement. This space, due to its seclusion, offers maximum privacy and total silence. You get to keep things in control without any intrusion.


9.          Rental


Do you know you can refurbish your Chicago basement to create a separate rentable space? All you need to do is add a bathroom and a kitchen/kitchenette, and you can put it up for a short- or long-term rental. Include a different entrance to ensure the occupant’s privacy. However, follow all local regulations (if any) applicable to such refurbishment.

10.        Private Spa


The spa is a great place to relax and unwind, no doubt. How about you bring that comfort right to your home? Your Chicago basement can be remodeled into a bespoke sauna, furnished with a walk-in shower. You can take things a level higher by introducing a pedicure and manicure station, a massage bed, and a steam room. There are simply no limits!


And there you have them – the top 10 Chicago basement remodeling ideas you should consider.

Look into these tips to draw some creativity on what your Chicago basement should look like after remodeling. Once you are decided, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your basement renovation project.

We will be delighted to arrange a complimentary in-house consultation with our designer with you.

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