Top 5 Chicago Bathroom Floor Trends in 2020

Wondering the biggest trends in bathroom flooring currently? We got you covered! The trends below are all you need to update your Chicago bathroom floor.

1.          Color

It is safe to say that neutrals and pastels are now out of fashion. The bold colors have replaced them. Choose from salmon, scarlet, emerald, and if you do not mind, go for 100% brown or black flooring.

bathroom with black tiles

2.          Material

2019 was the year of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) vinyl flooring. These engineered Waterproof core options are available in planks and tiles.  The appearance can be toyed with to resemble almost anything – marble, stone, or wood.  If you are not all about adventures but yet needs some fresh breath, then go for on-trend Terrazzo tiles.

brown bathroom

3.          Design

How about a Moroccan-inspired pattern or a remarkable retro setting highlighted by mosaic polka dots? You can also settle for Art Deco fan tiles or Herringbone and fish scale tiles. Also, worthy of mention are the customized graphic designs and geometric patterns.  You can never go wrong with these popular options!

Art Deco tiles

4.          Shape and Size

It is vital to find a balance between your choices of shapes and sizes. One sure way to avoid excess grout in 2020 is to switch to big tiles for your bathroom floors. There are now diverse large square tiles, as well as long tiles with a narrow width.

white bath with window

5.          Finish

Natural materials are gradually becoming homeowners’ favorites when it comes to bathroom finishing. These pieces are mostly hand-crafted and designed to add that perfect coarse and textured finish to your bathroom flooring. Choose matte over glossy finishes for smooth surface finish.

Natural material's tiles bath

Let’s talk about Marble

Although not entirely new, marbles undoubtedly offer a remarkably classic aesthetic appeal to your bathroom floor. These excellent pieces have managed to stay relevant for decades and centuries. Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world – a famous renaissance masterpiece sculpted in marble. We also like it!

A marble floor will give your bathroom floor a great, splendid, and grand feel. The white marble with grey veining represents the ideal monotone masterpiece. Alternatively, you can settle for an all-white look if you favor a pristine appearance. However, both options require high maintenance. The rather simple alternatives are black or brown with white veining and any other dark and earthy colors.

Marbles tiles in bathroom


A top-notch kitchen and bathroom will ultimately increase the value of your home when the time comes. Another reason to remodel your Chicago bathroom is the prestigious status it adds to your home.

Feel free to use any of our trend forecasts in arriving at the perfect flooring choice for your Chicago bathroom remodeling or renovation project.

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