Choosing The Right Cabinets For Your Chicago Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen cabinets are arguably the longest-serving components of a functional kitchen. This is why the bulk of expenses on a kitchen remodel project goes into procuring them. If you are going to spend so much on kitchen cabinets, then it is only logical that you make the right choices.
This blog offers some useful insights and tips on how to make the right cabinet choices, as provided by our expert kitchen designers and builders. We will discuss the essential considerations like hardware, material and finish, color, form and function, and style, among others.


There are different styles when it comes to kitchen cabinets, including:

Traditional Style 

Top-quality cherry wood shaker cabinets make up a classic setting.


Modern Rustic 

With a smooth finish combining a straight wood grain and a rift sawn oak, these custom, flat-panel dark cabinets are designed to offer a blend of both modern and rustic touches.



Form and Functions

The most important factors to consider when making utility decisions for your kitchen cabinetry is the amount of space available and the proposed use. If you are all about keeping spices and utensils safe, you should consider roll-out and Lazy Susan cabinets. You can conveniently store books with open shelves, or incorporate a wine rack if you are into fancy drinks.




The right color blend or combinations can give your Chicago kitchen the perfect outlook. For a light appearance, go for pristine white. Blue and grays are more suitable for tamed and reserved setup.



Material and Finish

The options you get from solid woods are almost unlimited. They are not only durable but also flexible enough to meet different needs. If you want to spend less, go for plywood and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) – you can transform them into wood in a few steps. MDF is the ideal option if you want to paint the cabinets, considering its smooth surface.



You can never go wrong with a top-quality chrome, pewter, or brass drawer pulls. For lovers of knobs, this may be the time to switch from the standard round options to the more unique geometric patterns, including oval, square, and rectangular-shaped knobs.


Upscale Chicago Studio Kitchen Remodel

As tempting as it can be to attempt your kitchen remodel project as a DIY, the results are usually not encouraging. This is why you should work with a competent Chicago Kitchen Designer. Such a professional will oversee the entire project, from the design process to the finishing. Working with an expert speed up the project and eliminate mistakes. It also ensures that the builders put in their best.

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