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Remodeling and Renovation for Kitchens

Create the ideal kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of a home. It needs to have the proper balance of style, comfort, and functionality to make it ideal. Let us help you out in balancing your kitchen properly.

New Kitchen Planning

Small improvements to the kitchen might include applying new coats of paint or installing new appliances, countertops, and lighting. A few popular improvements include new sinks, improved faucets, and better tile backsplashes. If you have older looking cabinets which remain functional, then you could sand, re-stain, or paint them.

Bigger kitchen renovation projects involve installing new cabinets and creating more space in the kitchen by connecting it to other areas of the home or outdoors. This might require tearing down walls, building new rooms, or combining rooms together. You can expect a lot of structural changes to be made, in addition to electrical work, plumbing work, and flooring work.

There are so many options to choose from, no matter what you choose to do. Once we see your kitchen and learn more about what you want to do, we’ll make suggestions as to how your wishes can be achieved. Our team is comprised of kitchen designers, interior designers, architects, carpenters and more. We’re confident we can make your dreams come true.

We have cabinet specialists that can create for your customized, prefabricated, or semi-customized cabinets which match your unique budget, style, and desires. If you need units created or adjusted to accommodate your space better, we can do that too. Any work involving appliances, lighting, tiling, and countertops will involve additional professionals being brought in to assist — anything to make your kitchen dream a reality.

Remodeled Kitchen Gallery

How will your kitchen get shaped? The gallery shows kitchens of several different styles, sizes, budgets, and scopes. Some of them cost a couple of thousand dollars while others cost more than $150,000. The pictures show everything from new kitchen additions to updated appliances and countertops. Tell us what your goals are, and we’ll do our best to come up with solutions which best suit your needs.


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A mixture of function and style.

We can make your kitchen reflect your lifestyle and the aesthetics that you want for your home, whether it’s a historical or modern look. It doesn’t matter if you’re a master chef or a microwave junkie. We can balance your kitchen in a way which accommodates your budget and needs.

What are the current kitchen trends?

Islands with varying wood finishes that don’t match the wall cabinets; scattered glass doors, lighter colors, and tinted wash colors.

Detailed treatments which involve rustic wooden casings and beams, cleaner lines that are not so adorned, and better shiplap and beadboard.

Matching cabinet panels on stainless-steel appliances. Fixtures with reduced chrome and more oil-rubbed bronze and satin nickel.

Ornaments which are not so fancy. Less drastically carved corbels, fewer ornate moldings, wall cabinets that are taller for better storage, a lack of soffits, and a look that is not so tailored.

Bigger kitchen areas which combine nicely with the living space of the house. The kitchen can have casual areas for entertainment in it and next to it.

Kitchens with outside openings which lead to furnished patios and covered decks that have plush seating.

Cooking areas and food serving areas can go outside now. There are even outdoor appliances available too. Take a look at the exteriors section for more information and details about them.

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You should write down any ideas that you have in mind right now. 

We specialize in every aspect of kitchen design and construction. From custom made cabinets, cabinet refinishing, and installation, Derek’s Remodeling is your true one stop shop from conceptualization to the kitchen of your dreams!


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