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Our company takes pride in our specialty with home remodeling Palatine. Our over 15 years of experience in the business speaks volumes about our expert work. We are dedicated to the projects we work on and emphasize quality for your kitchen, bathroom remodeling, and basement remodeling Palatine. Feel free to explore various design options and seek our professional expertise to get the best results for your bathroom & basement remodeling Palatine.

Our home improvement services are reliable and preferred in the local suburbs. Homeowners turn to us to design and build the basement remodeling or basement renovations they need. Our remodeling contractors Palatine apply a consistent level of high quality to ensure the stability of our work as well as the curb appeal of your home in your neighborhood. Over the years, we have learned varying techniques to make our services better each time. We pay attention to all corners of your home, even your basement.

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Services Offered by Our Basement Remodeling Palatine Company

Basement Remodeling

Our basement remodeling contractors can meet the most demanding client vision, making us the company’s choice for a basement remodeling Palatine. We can make your existing basement and turn it into something above and beyond you could ever imagine. Contact us today and get started on your basement remodeling project.

Basement Finishing

Our basement remodeling contractors can transform your existing drab basement into something beautiful and fully functional through our basement finishing Palatine. With many years of experience, we can help you determine the right kind of rebuild within your budget and can help you design your basement that would increase your home value most.

Basement Renovations

Create beautiful memories with your freshly renovated basement. Our contractors can help you maximize your living space and add value to your home with our basement renovations Palatine. Whether you dream of a home theater, a new game room, and more, our professionals can do it for you.

Check a Few Projects From Our Basement Remodeling Contractors Palatine

Our basement remodeling Palatine can leave a lasting impression on your residence. We have brilliant remodeling contractors from the local suburbs who never fail to come up with outstanding designs that go perfectly with any home. Feel free to consult our project gallery for ideas. Call us today!

Trust Our Bathroom Remodeling Palatine Crew
Our Bathroom Remodel Palatine Services Can Complete Every Project With Ease!

A bathroom that is fully furnished according to your style and comfort is a dream come true for any homeowner. At our company, we make dreams come true with our bathroom remodeling Palatine expertise. We can give you that luxurious appeal for your shower area, vanity area, and the whole bathroom space to give you the maximum level of comfort you can enjoy while complementing the original design of your home. We can give you the exact design you want that works within your budget for your peace of mind.

Whether you will live in your current house for the long term or you plan to put it into the market soon, a bathroom remodel Palatine would serve you well in the future and take one less worry from you regarding home improvement. At the same time, your family, friends, and guests can take comfort in a bathroom that has an excellent layout, design, and functionality that supplies what anyone needs for everyday use. We place value in honest work, so expect our crew of expert bathroom remodeling contractors Palatine to serve you with their best efforts and leave you with a magical bathroom renovation Palatine!

Looking for Basement Remodeling or Basement Finishing Palatine Ideas?
Our Basement Remodeling Contractors Have a Few Solutions for You

If you are planning to have basement remodeling or basement finishing Palatine, we got you! We have been providing top-notch basement renovations for many years to fit our clients’ styles and needs. Check out some of the typical basement remodeling ideas in Palatine.

Family Room

If you have a growing family and your space may not be enough for you, our basement remodeling contractors Palatine can help you transform your basement into a family room. We can spruce it up with a game area and kid-friendly area where family and friends gather to engage in some games. With the right accessories and functionality, we can make your vision a reality.

Home Gym

If you are tired from commuting to the gym and paying monthly fees, our basement renovations Palatine contractors can give you a fully functional and customized home gym. Get more time to exercise with the equipment, add mirrors, floor mats, and more. Call us today and talk to our experts.

Home Theatre

Basements often have little to no windows, so take this opportunity of having dark spaces to turn it into a home theatre. Our remodeling contractors Palatine can take it to the next level by adding recliners, soft lighting, and a projector and screen! Whatever style you want, there are tons of ideas for you to try!

Home Office

One of the most efficient ways to transform your basement is by turning it into a home office. Having the comfort of working at home is what everyone wants. If you need to stretch your working hours, our remodeling contractors Palatine can provide you a comfortable home office. Make it noise-proof, add some relaxing decor, and storage too.

Bathroom Remodeling Palatine – All You Need To Know
Start Your Bathroom Renovation Project Today!

Bathroom remodeling is never an easy task, especially for a typical homeowner. Like us at DEREK’S Home Remodeling, bathroom remodeling companies Palatine are aware of this problem, so our remodeling contractors are there when needed. We treat every bathroom remodel project as an important task, allowing us to deliver highly satisfying results on time. Your bathroom will be transformed into a whole new place as we transform it using top-of-the-line equipment, high-quality materials, and construction solutions that are tried and tested. Before starting the project, our bathroom remodeling contractors Palatine will show you a range of options and a comprehensive quote to ensure that you are fully aware of the project’s scope.
Call us today to know more about our designs, pricing, and other remodeling services we offer. Our professionals will be hands-on in guiding you through achieving your desired bathroom!

Why You Should Choose Derek’s Bathroom Remodeling Services?
Here Are Some Values of Our Bathroom Remodel Palatine

All of our bathroom remodeling jobs in Palatine are completed on schedule and with excellent results. To ensure that your desires are met, our remodelers will customize our services according to your requirements.

Luxurious Living
If your bathroom needs a makeover, hire us as your bathroom refinishing contractor in Palatine. Our professional installers will mount attractive baths or showers that are perfect for your area.

Quality Materials
Your satisfaction matters to us. So, the products we use are only those that meet high standards. Your bathroom will dramatically increase in value and wow-factor. The showers and baths we offer are cracks, chip, and fade resistant.

Attention to Detail
Before starting a bathroom renovation project in Palatine, our experts will determine all your requirements to make sure that they will deliver the outcome you desire. Contact us now to start transforming your bathroom!

Testimonials of Derek's Basement Remodeling Palatine

  • Love the bathroom remodeling they made in my home in Palatine! It looks so relaxing and dainty, I could spend hours there. Best of all, everything fits my budget. I’m beyond satisfied!

    Nathan Hunter
  • Great work. These Basement remodeling contractors Palatine were efficient and used high-grade materials. Everything was measured properly, also no mess inside after the project was completed. Overall looks great. Thanks.

    Morgan Fisher
  • Best basement remodeling work I’ve seen in Palatine! They produced the best construction effortlessly and finished everything on time as they estimated. The construction cost was spot on, which was a huge plus for me.

    Asher Witt
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